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Exclusive preview: Audit & Risk March/April

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Agricultural payments make up the single largest area of EU funding and all the payments need to be audited by the participating countries. This is why internal auditors across the member states are collaborating to promote consistent, common and transparent processes and controls, share best practice and ensure they remain up to date with national and European developments. Welcome to the Amadeus group.
Words: Ruth Prickett
Illustrations: Toby Morison

Exclusive preview: Audit & Risk March/April

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The idea of risk-based internal auditing is not new, but it seems that many organisations are struggling to appreciate the benefits it can bring. So what are these benefits and how can internal auditors help boards to understand the basic principles?
Words: Neil Hodge

NAO verdict on government sustainability reports

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Government departments are providing more comprehensive and detailed information on sustainability issues, but there is still room for improvement and more consistency, according to the National Audit Office (NAO).

Cyber criminals stole "up to $1bn" over two years

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A cyber criminal gang has stolen up to one billion dollars over the past two years from banks in more than 30 countries, according to a new report. What can companies do to protect themselves?

HMRC allows charities to register for tax online

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A new digital service from HM Revenue and Customs enables new charities to register their details for tax purposes online. The aim is to reduce the number of mistakes and applications returned.

Ten tips for data breach security

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Data breaches can cost millions and cause terrible damage to a company's systems, business, reputation and, potentially, customers. Benny Czarny, CEO of Opswat, offers his top ten tips for reducing the risk of a breach.

Cyber security rises up risk agenda

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Cyber security has moved three places closer to the top of the list of macroeconomic, strategic and operational risks affecting businesses in 2015, according to a global survey by Protiviti and North Carolina State University’s ERM Initiative. Regulatory changes and heightened scrutiny from regulators remained in first place.

Have you entered the A&R Awards?

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The Audit and Risk awards are the first awards to celebrate the varied and complex work of internal auditors. But we need you to let us know what you're doing. Enter today and we'll do the rest.

Audit committees under pressure from increasing risks

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Audit committees say uncertainty, volatility and the high-risk environment are at the top of their risks list for 2015, according to KPMG, while a further study showed that most would benefit from greater "diverisity of thinking".

BIS publishes list for whistleblowers

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The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has published a list of prescribed people who should be contacted by potential whistleblowers who do not wish to go through their own organisation.

Top ten risks facing organisations in 2015

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Heads of internal audit need to reassess the major risks facing their organisations constantly and ensure they spot new threats as they emerge. Ian Beale, senior director at CEB, looks at the top ten risks cited by chief internal auditors globally.

FRC to focus on company culture and behaviour in 2015

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The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has noted many improvements in its recent report on compliance with UK Corporate Governance Code and increasing numbers of signatories to the Stewardship Code, however there are still areas for improvement, it warns.


Council cuts require adequate resourcing

“Some heads of internal audit fear that, because of the cuts, they will get to a point where they no longer have the resources to carry out the audit work necessary to give a robust overall opinion,” says Ian Peters, CEO of the IIA.

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One-man band: sharing is vital

“Working with no staff has a number of advantages and disadvantages. It means that you have hands-on experience of, potentially, every aspect of the organisation you work for,” says John Collier PIIA, head of audit and risk management, the Economist Group.


Great expectations

Paul Kaczmar FIIA, newly elected president of the IIA, explains why internal audit should be more aspirational about its scope and value to business and reveals how he hopes to see the institute’s work in this area develop in the coming year.
Words: Ruth Prickett
Photographs: Greg Funnell

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Careers advice

Chartered by Experience

There is a new route to becoming a chartered internal auditor: Chartered by Experience.

Room to grow

If you feel stuck in your role or sector, yet are keen to progress in an internal auditing career, what are your options? You could become a non-executive director or contribute your experience to higher education, suggests Ann Brook CFIIA.

Time to volunteer

Rachel Bowden, chair of the IIA’s Guidance Working Group, explains why she started volunteering and what she has gained from the experience.

Training & Development

Prize performance

Abigail Francis, principal auditor at Mazars, won this year’s Charles Duly Prize for the best aggregate performance in the IIA Diploma exams. She explains how she did it.

IIA awards prizes

Each year the IIA awards prizes to the students who have passed all their exam papers first time and achieved the best aggregate results. This year Steven Eldridge, senior internal auditor at Mazars, won the Peter Hook Prize for best performance in the IIA Advanced Diploma exams.

High performers: the IIA HIA conference round-up

The IIA’s heads of internal audit conference took place on 30 October. Speakers discussed topics on the theme of High performing internal audit: a fresh perspective. We round up a few of the subjects covered.


Ten tips for data breach security

Data breaches can cost millions and cause terrible damage to a company's systems, business, reputation and, potentially, customers. Benny Czarny, CEO of Opswat, offers his top ten tips for reducing the risk of a breach.

Fighting fires – how IA can help prevent arson

Nearly half of all fires in the UK are caused by arson, but many organisations pay little attention to the threat and the risks it presents. What can internal audit do about it, asks Christian Thurow.

Conquering compliance

What are your business’s top compliance wishes and can they come true? We asked the experts at Symantec.