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Minimising compliance risk with technology

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Corporates are under increasing pressure to demonstrate in ever more granular detail that they are compliant. Technology is the answer to minimising this growing compliance risk, writes The Risk Advisory Group's Rebecca Palser.

Healthy corporate culture is the key to value

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The Financial Reporting Council shares the findings of its Culture Project, the culmination of work contributed by the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the City Values Forum, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Institute of Business Ethics.

8 ways to reduce grant fraud risks

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Here are eight considerations that should be part of your routine assessment when working in areas at risk of grant fraud, writes Mike Clarkson, partner at accountancy firm Mazars.

You asked us

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The Chartered IIA's technical helpline provides valuable advice to members on a host of professional issues. Here are some of the questions you’ve recently asked.

IPPF: Abiding by the rules of the road

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A quarter of internal auditors do not consider themselves competent at applying the International Professional Practices Framework to their work. That is a significant problem, writes Richard F Chambers, president and CEO of IIA Global.

Cyber: Safe as houses

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Cyber crime is here to stay. Now more than ever it is vital that internal audit provides assurance that organisations are safe
and secure from hackers and malicious insiders. We asked the experts where to start.

Hearts & heads

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After a series of negative stories in the press, charities are under pressure to comply with new regulations, minimise overheads and prove they offer value for money. This is where internal audit comes in.

Words: Ruth Prickett

Taxing times

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Every internal auditor knows that if a company breaks the law, it can expect some kind of punishment or sanction. But there are times when companies can land themselves in hot water even when they comply with the law, and the reputational backlash can be as aggressive as the tax schemes they use.

Words: Neil Hodge


Financial Services Code: Time for review

When we published the Code, we promised to conduct a thorough review after three years. The time has come for us to deliver, writes Ian Peters, CEO of the Chartered IIA.

Policy Blog

On auditing culture

Following the publication of the IIA’s latest policy report on culture, and ahead of the FRC’s publication of its own report on the topic, policy director Alisdair McIntosh looks at some of the key messages on the auditing of culture.


Working together: NEDs and internal audit

We are living in a fast-changing environment for communication, which means the work of internal audit is becoming more complex and lively than ever before, writes Angela Knight CBE, “serial NED” and chair of the Office of Tax Simplification.


In conversation with Ed Balls

Former Shadow Chancellor and Internal Audit 2016 keynote speaker Ed Balls shares his thoughts on the confluence of government and corporate governance, and why it’s important to take a step back when assessing risk.

The IIA: find out more

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CIA workshop facilitator

The IIA are seeking to recruit freelance tutors to deliver CIA revision workshops throughout the UK and Ireland.

Internal Auditor

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Careers advice

Chartered by Experience

There is a new route to becoming a chartered internal auditor: Chartered by Experience.

Room to grow

If you feel stuck in your role or sector, yet are keen to progress in an internal auditing career, what are your options? You could become a non-executive director or contribute your experience to higher education, suggests Ann Brook CFIIA.

Time to volunteer

Rachel Bowden, chair of the IIA’s Guidance Working Group, explains why she started volunteering and what she has gained from the experience.

Training & Development

CPD: work in progress

Staying up to date is essential if you want to have a successful career in internal audit – and the IIA’s CPD competency framework is designed to help.

Tap into a rich resource

The IIA's website has loads of useful and important resources for members and the institute is committed to improving services by putting digital at its heart. So what is available – and where can you find it?


Root Cause Analysis: a powerful tool for internal audit

Often internal audit will flag up the same issues time and again without getting to the crux, or root cause, of the issue. This is why Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is essential to improving audits, writes James Paterson, the founder of Risk & Assurance Insights.

Mapping the road to assurance

Assurance maps are a vital tool that guide internal audits and give audit committees peace of mind. Sandie Dawson, director at Dawson Corporate Advisory, offers insight into effective assurance mapping.

Practical approaches to auditing culture

Corporate culture is high on audit committees' agendas, but few understand what to look for and how to measure something as nebulous and intangible as culture. Alexander Glebovskiy, internal auditor at an FCA-regulated firm, shares his advice.