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And the winners are...

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The winners of the 2016 Audit & Risk Awards, sponsored by Mazars, are an eclectic group - but all showed exemplary standards and demonstrated inspirational levels of performance. So who are they?

CEOs plan post-Brexit relocations

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A survey of CEOs of large companies by KPMG shows that, while the Brexit vote has not dampened their confidence, it has made many look at contingency plans that include relocating operations or headquarters into EU countries.

HMRC raids more premises for evidence for tax prosecutions

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HMRC searched 761 properties in the past year and, with a new corporate offence of failing to prevent evasion and an agreement to share tax information across national borders, the number of search warrants granted is likely to increase still further, warns law firm Pinsent Masons.

FRC: companies must review culture to win trust

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Sir Win Bischoff, chairman of the Financial Reporting Council, today told delegates at the FRC conference that companies need to review their cultures to restore trust and build confidence – and this is essential for the country's prosperity and wellbeing.

You asked us

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The Chartered IIA's technical helpline provides valuable advice to members on a host of professional issues. Here are some of the questions you’ve recently asked.

Mindset & influence: the personal audit

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Your mindset is the biggest tool for your job as it is the key to influencing those around you. Honing these soft skills is just as important as developing your technical expertise, writes Diane Ingham-Cook, a consultant at Effective Training.

Preparing for the baby boom exodus

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The baby boom generation's transition into retirement will leave a vast gap in skills and experience. Internal audit should assess whether the organisation is fully prepared, writes Ann Brook, a course director at the
Centre for Internal Audit, Governance & Risk Management at Birmingham City Business School.

QAIP: a catalyst for greatness?

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There has been little research to show whether a formal programme for quality assurance and improvement genuinely makes a difference to how the average internal audit department operates. Until now, writes Richard F Chambers, president and CEO of IIA Global.

Brexit: into the void

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With the dust now settled on the EU referendum result, businesses are seeking clarity on the implications of Brexit and how best to proceed. In this climate of uncertainty, risk is rife. It’s time for internal audit to step up to the plate.


Looking to the future

Ian Peters, chief executive of the Chartered IIA, reflects on a successful three years before embarking on the next three.

Policy Blog

Commonsense principles of internal audit

Following a fresh attempt by a group of influential US business leaders to define good corporate governance, policy director Alisdair McIntosh considers the role and importance of internal audit in the debate.


Unlocking the true value of internal audit

I have encountered various approaches to delivering internal audit, the one constant being that internal auditors should consistently add value, writes Steve Stanbury, director of internal audit, City University London.


In conversation with Ed Balls

Former Shadow Chancellor and Internal Audit 2016 keynote speaker Ed Balls shares his thoughts on the confluence of government and corporate governance, and why it’s important to take a step back when assessing risk.

The IIA: find out more

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CIA workshop facilitator

The IIA are seeking to recruit freelance tutors to deliver CIA revision workshops throughout the UK and Ireland.

Careers advice

Chartered by Experience

There is a new route to becoming a chartered internal auditor: Chartered by Experience.

Room to grow

If you feel stuck in your role or sector, yet are keen to progress in an internal auditing career, what are your options? You could become a non-executive director or contribute your experience to higher education, suggests Ann Brook CFIIA.

Time to volunteer

Rachel Bowden, chair of the IIA’s Guidance Working Group, explains why she started volunteering and what she has gained from the experience.

Training & Development

PwC launches cyber-breach simulation game for executives

Big four consultancy PwC has launched "Game of Threats" – an interactive game to teach senior executives the risks of cyber-attacks and encourage them to test how they would respond in real time.

CPD: work in progress

Staying up to date is essential if you want to have a successful career in internal audit – and the IIA’s CPD competency framework is designed to help.


Mindset & influence: the personal audit

Your mindset is the biggest tool for your job as it is the key to influencing those around you. Honing these soft skills is just as important as developing your technical expertise, writes Diane Ingham-Cook, a consultant at Effective Training.

Root Cause Analysis: a powerful tool for internal audit

Often internal audit will flag up the same issues time and again without getting to the crux, or root cause, of the issue. This is why Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is essential to improving audits, writes James Paterson, the founder of Risk & Assurance Insights.

Mapping the road to assurance

Assurance maps are a vital tool that guide internal audits and give audit committees peace of mind. Sandie Dawson, director at Dawson Corporate Advisory, offers insight into effective assurance mapping.